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Why buying a property in Abruzzo?

Abruzzo is a charming region in Italy, where properties for sale have always been very interesting for non Italian home buyers for several reasons. The sense of space in Abruzzo is huge, but you’re unlikely to feel isolated from humanity. In the tiny villages and charming small towns, the sense of community is strong. You will be embraced into the fold in no time, and treated with particular warmth and care as a newcomer.


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Historic building and rustic homes for sale in Italy

Living in a place with character, choose your residence in Italy among the historic buildings and rustic houses. The historical building blends energies of different ages, often feature frescoes and architecture have long since disappeared, witnesses of a history lived among the people of the villages, a heritage to be preserved. (more…)

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Villas for sale in Italy

Whether your idea of a holiday here is strolling through l'Abruzzo.

What better way to enjoy it than with your very own Italian villa nestled amongst the rolling hills? We’ve got some stunning villas for you for sale (most with their own private pools) where you can enjoy luxury and privacy in equal measure.

Why choose your Italian villa? Every Italian villa for sale on our website has been hand picked for its unique qualities. We don’t do ordinary but we do excel at the exceptional and we want to help you plan the sort of Italian villa holiday that stays with you for years to come – and that starts by finding you the perfect villa in Italy.

Choose your new Italian style with

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