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Cheese and egg balls

Cheese and egg balls are the speciality of the Province of Chieti once again embodies the culinary genius of Abruzzo peasant culture, which was capable of using just a few delicious ingredients to create very tasty dishes that are still popular today. Cheese and egg balls are balls of cheese eggs, without meat, served with a tomato sauce. (more…)

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Pecorino cheese


Abruzzo is known as land of the sheep breeders, and PECORINO is a cheese made of sheep’s milk.

There are two varieties of pecorino cheese:

1. Soft Pecorino: A sheep’s milk cheese aged for a few days, it is soft and easy to cut. 2. Hard pecorino: a sheep’s milk cheese aged for at least 6 months up to two years. Hard cheese is not very easy to cut but perfect for grating, with a sharp and pungent flavour. In Abruzzo during spring and summer sheep are left to pasture freely, the quality and the variety of their pasture is fundamental for the final flavour of the cheese..

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