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Cicerchiata is a traditional Carnival pastry

Cicerchiata is a traditional Carnival pastry, with several recipe variations, not only in the ingredients but also in the preparation and the shape. This confectionery is extremely popular in Abruzzo. The pastry is made up of tiny balls of fried dough (called “cicerchie” as they resemble grass-peas), “glued” together with honey.

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The phases of the honey – Beekeeping Bees

Beekeeping bees

The beekeeping refers to the breeding of honeybees. We are accustomed to associate this term with the production and harvesting of honey but actually the beekeeping has a much more important role that is the pollination of plants. Of the thousands of plants that bees visit, about a thousand of these can reproduce only in the presence of the bee and no other insect. Some scientists have highlighted the supposed disappearance of the honeybee and other species of it on the planet.


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