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Cultural tour in the historical centre of Vasto


Project by Francesca D'Annunzio Head of the Cultural Association Histonium

The project Cultural Tour in the historic center of Vasto is positioned in the various activities to promote the area carried out by the Histonium Association. The Association has been working for some years in the field of the promotion and development of the city of Vasto, taking part in several cultural, recreational and gastronomic  initiatives and collaborating with various public and private entities. (more…)

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Vasto city to love

Vasto city to love is a delightful and tranquil small tourist town and seaside resort located in the south of Abruzzo, full of history, art, culture and lined with splendid beaches. There are more than 40 thousand people who live here and the population grows substantially in the summer with the arrival of tourists from Italy and all of Europe. The town of Vasto is bordered to the north by the river Sinello, to the south by the valley Buonanotte and the Adriatico sea to the east. The towns that are close by are Casalbordino, Pollutri, Monteodorisio, Cupello e San Salvo.

Thanks to the Apennines (Majella and Gran Sasso) only an hour away which protect the town from the cold winds and thanks to the sea which brings a cool breeze in the summer, Vasto enjoys a mild climate all year round.  (more…)...
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