in-Molise-ItalyWelcome to our Italian courses – off the beaten track … where you can immerse yourself in the LANGUAGE and culture of Italy. We invite you to to immerse yourself in the life of this special town, Agnone, in Molise, and to get to sense its heart.

In addition to daily lessons, you will learn to cook simple, local and seasonal but very delicious food, and be taken for walks and tours, to discover the history and customs of the area – All in Italian, at a level and pace to suit your experience.

Living and Learning Italian





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Alessandro is in charge of the classroom and will be teaching you every morning in the medieval Palazzo della Città in the heart of the centro storico.

The holiday offers a daily Italian lesson with activities tailored throughout the two weeks to encourage conversation and learning.

Cooking sessions, country walks, local tours and film screenings are organised in small groups with local hosts offering plenty of opportunity for practice.

Summer in Agnone is alive with street parties, open air concerts and exhibitions with many townspeople returning home from the hot cities to relax in the cooler air of the mountains.



This small and vibrant town is very easy to navigate and get to know.


It is the birth place of my Grandfather who left in the 1920s to study in New York. With a long history of cultural and literary importance and a strong tradition of artisan work in silver, copper, and iron, Agnone is most famous for the Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli — the bell foundry working in this town since around 1000AD; one of the world’s oldest surviving family businesses. These Marinellis are my grandfather’s first cousins.

Visits include


… a trip to the mountains outside town to visit a small holding to see the famous cacciacavallo cheese being made


the various festivals taking place in summer months, depending on the date of your course – there are so many to choose from!




Visit-in-MoliseStandard group levels provided:

A2 – elementary B1 – intermediate B2 – upper intermediate

If you are a complete beginner, or fall outside these categories, please do contact us as classes will be organised to accommodate other levels as required. Private lessons available on request.

Class sizes are approximately 4 – 6 students per group depending on demand for each level.


For further information and to register contact:


More than a “course,” this is a full service “vacation!” You’re met at the airport, get lodging and meals, daily Italian lessons just at your level, and trips and events in a charming Italian region where townspeople are delighted you’re trying your Italian!  All this at an incredibly reasonable price!

Judy, Chicago, U.S.A.

I can really recommend this course – I had 2 wonderful weeks in a beautiful part of Italy and met some lovely people!  The lessons were excellent and we visited many interesting places and saw so many new things!  For an all-round Italian experience – do go! Terry, Maidstone Such an amazing fortnight of non-stop activity.  Jenifer and the course certainly delivered everything – and more, and I feel I have benefited from the experience hugely. It was wonderful to explore such an interesting and different region in Italy, and one which is so very unspoilt and off the tourist map.  The locals were so welcoming and easy to approach and chat with. A splendid formula which will surely go from strength to strength.


Sue, Bath I laud you and the school! While in Agnone I know that I was not exactly a model student but on my return to Oz I had a complete change of heart. There, with my enthusiasm fired up by you, Alessandro and his gorgeous colleague Erminia, can you believe I enrolled in Italian classes! I joined a group that had been studying for awhile, only to be deemed too advanced – and the teaching did not compare! Oh, how I then longed for the rich learning environment of  In Molise where, despite my best efforts, I had learned some Italian, though perhaps some … of the wrong stuff!

Marek, Australia

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